Montgomery Park Scenic Reserve is home to a massive forked lowland tōtara tree. It’s 8.5 m in diameter and could be up to 2000 years old. The tōtara can be reached after a 10 minute walk into the bush which also features mataī and fuschia/kōtukutuku.

Kaituna Valley Scenic Reserve is about 6 hectares of bush remnant with a few large mataī and kaikahikatea, view via a 10 minute walk. The outstanding feature is the healthy even-aged stand of New Zealand ash/tītoki. One of the largest stands left in Canterbury, it is known for the showy display of brilliant scarlet and black fruits.

Kennedy’s Bush Scenic Reserve
The Kennedys Bush Track leads you through changing terrain from the Canterbury Plains, up through farmland, pine woodlots and regenerating native shrubland to the volcanic crater rim. Several ancient mataī trees still stand, towering over the regenerating forest.

Ahuriri Scenic Reserve is an important Ecological Heritage Site of remnant podocarp/hardwood forest. Adult and juvenile mataī, kahikatea and several large thin bark tōtara can still be seen amongst the bush. Hardwoods including mahoe, fivefinger, pepperleaf and coprosma provide a glimpse of what most of the Port Hills was like before the arrival of humans.  There are no walking tracks through the Ahuriri Scenic Reserve, however there is a good network of walking tracks in the nearby Kennedy’s Bush Scenic Reserve.

Remnants of native forest can also be found at Otahuna and Cass Peak.