Like a ghost I haunt these city streets, moving from place to place.

The remains of my ancestors lie in the soil, locked in the concrete beneath your feet. I am a fragment of memory, a reminder of what was lost.

But I am also a window to what might be; a dream of a greener city. And hidden in my heart there are treasures to be discovered.

Restless Forest banner; copyright Lynette Hartley.

Restless Forest is a moveable garden using endemic native plants specific to Christchurch.

This garden will be moved around the city every few months, popping up on otherwise vacant spaces. An evolving story about the forest and its inhabitants, places past, present and future will be part of the korero of Restless Forest.

Each ‘chapter’ will  be posted on this blog site and will focus on a different forest theme. A downloadable colouring page will accompany each chapter, and a collectible sticker will be hidden in a geocache within the forest garden.

We hope you will add your own creative touches to each forest picture and share them on Instagram or Facebook #TheRestlessForest.

Restless Forest is a partnership project:

Greening the Rubble logo. Restless Forest shows how transitional projects can create a sense of place, even without permanence.

DOC logo.  Restless Forest shows how native plants still hold an important place in our urban lives.

Thank you to all our supporters:

  • Briford Trailers
  • Christchurch City Council
  • Hire King
  • Life in Vacant Spaces
  • Parkhouse Garden Supplies
  • Tait Communications
  • Trees for Canterbury
  • Waterforce
  • Whakaora Te Waihora (WTW)
  • Fern Factor





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